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BallPark Pizza Team caters to families, sports teams and schools in the surrounding area. Our staff are mostly hard working high school and college students. For most of the employees this is their first job experience. They find time between school and sports to learn about good work ethic and serving others. See Ya at the BallPark!!




Jim has been operating BallPark Pizza Team's in different locations for the past 30+  years. It started as a college senior project and has become Jim Poettgen's life.


Jim grew up in Santa Ana and Mission Viejo, CA. He went to La Paz Jr. High and then to Mater Dei High School where he lettered in football, basketball and track. After high school Jim went to Saddleback Community College for two years, where he continued playing football. He was all conference both years, as well as, 1st team All-American one year and was inducted into the CA Junior College Football Hall of Fame in March 2015. Saddleback helped Jim to move on to Cal Poly Pomona where he continued his football legacy by leading the nation in interceptions.


Jim graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. His interest in restaurants began at age 13, when he got his first job at the Mission Viejo Country Club. Jim has worked in restaurants for more than 40 years. Along the way he married his wife Diane (of 40 years) and has 4 lovely daughters and numerous grandchildren. BallPark Pizza Team is truly a family run business, as all four daughters have or currently work for their father as well as some of the grandchildren.


Jim is extremely involved in the community. He has coached long jump and triple jump at Santa Margarita High School, has been the President of Saddleback Alumni Association, has been a member of RSM's Economic Development Committee (EDC) and is a Member of both the Mission Viejo and the Ranch Santa Margarita Chamber of Commerce. He truly loves the community he lives and works in and loves to support all sports teams in the area.




Brittany (daughter #3) started working for BallPark Pizza Team at the age of 12. She grew up in Rancho Santa Margarita, attending 3 local elementry schools, RSM Jr. High and graduated from Santa Margarita Catholic High School. She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts and a Minor in Women Studies. While up in San Luis Obispo, she continued her work in restaurants as a lead at both a Mexican style restaurant and a BBQ Smokehouse. In May 2013 she graduated from Cal State Long Beach with her Master's in Business Administration.


BallPark has been a part of her life since the age of 4 and she is happy to be part of the community she loves so much. In March 2010 she competed in the Wold Pizza Games in the Fastest Box Folding Competition. She was the only female to get to the finals (top 5 over all) and therefore is the fastest female box folder.


BallPark has employeed over 1,000 employees, most of them hard working high school and college students. For most of the employees this is their first job experience. They find time between school and sports to learn about work ethic and serving others. We hope that the experiences they have at BallPark will help them succeed in work and in life. Our past employees have gone on to become nurses, police officers, realtors, lawyers, therapists, architects and more. Many of them frequent BallPark as customers with their children, the next generation of BallPark staff.   

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