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BallPark Pizza Team is dedicated to helping the communities in our surrounding areas. We love to help out schools, charities and sports teams with fundraisers. Having a fundraiser has never been so easy.


Just follow these 4 easy steps:


1. Pick Your Days (Monday - Thursday) - Days can be consecutive or over several months

2. Tell People to go to BallPark on your Scheduled Day - (we will provide you with a detailed flyer if needed)

3. Have everyone that comes in Mention your Fundraiser

4. Receive 20% of their Purchases (if you only schedule 1 day -15%)



Having a fundraising festival at school, at a park or running a snack bar?

BallPark offers discount pricing on pizzas for slices being sold for fundraising. (About a $9-$10 profit for each pizza sold) Please contact us for more information.



If these fundraising ideas interest you or you have a fundraising opportunity for BallPark Pizza Team, please contact Jim or Brittany at 949-830-3436 or email at and


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