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All Packages Must Be 15 People or More

Sandwich Package

 -  4" Sandwich (Turkey, Ham or Veggie)                                           $4.00 per person + tax 


   All sandwiches include cheese, tomato and lettuce. Mustard and mayo on the side.



Pizza Combo Packages 

 - Assorted pizzas, salad (veggie or caesar) and drinks                 $5.50 per person + tax 

 - Assorted pizzas, salad, garlic bread and drinks                          $6.50 per person + tax

 - Assorted pizzas, salad, garlic bread, wings and drinks              $10.50 per person + tax


Have gluten free people in your group - Let us know and we will add in a gluten free pizza for them

(It is important to note that BallPark is not a gluten free enviornment)


Pasta Packages ** Need 48 Hour Notice**

 - Penne pasta and garlic bread                                                        $5.50 per person + tax

 - Penne pasta, garlic bread and salad                                             $6.50 per person + tax


    Penne Pasta Choices: Marinara and Basil (Not Meat), Vegetable (in Olive Oil or Alfredo)

                                                      Meat Marinara and Basil, Chicken Alfredo


 All Pasta Packages includes Forks, Plates and Napkins


None of the packages what you are looking for? Business lunch orders from our menu, over $150, will receive 10% off. We can deliver to your office  or join us here at the BallPark.

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